Goodna Family Medical Centre


Dr Sudeer Mahadeo

Dr Mahadeo is an extensively experienced general practitioner of South African origin and has been practicing in the Goodna/Redbank area since 2006.


Dr Ramana Chanadi

Dr Ramana is a General Practitioner and has been with Goodna Family Medical Centre for many years. He offers Extra services like: Iron Infusions Implanon Removal & Insertion Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Russian


Dr Ibrahim Adigun

MBBS, MRCGP (UK), FRACGP(AUS), FPS, Medicare Approved Provider of Counselling and Focussed Psychological Services. Practicing medicine since 2008. Extensive clinical experience in wide range of medical specialties in Nigeria, United Kingdom and Australia. Compassionate and dedicated to general practice. Special interests include: -Approved Provider for the management of Alcohol and other drugs including community Alcohol detoxification. - Psychology and counselling Services (RACGP accredited and Medicare Approved provider) - Skincare including skin/mole checks, management of keloid and hypertrophic scars. - Minor Surgery procedure including surgical excision of skin cancer and other skin lesions, suturing, wedge resection of ingrowing toe nails, steroid joint injections, - Women’s Health, including Pregnancy care, contraception advice, Implanon insertion and removal, PAP smears, STDs management, Peri-menopausal management etc - Child Health, including baby checks and immunisations - Chronic Disease management, including Diabetes care, Hypertension, Asthma/COPD, Weight & lipid management etc



Dr Neeraja Joins us from our Kenmore clinic She specialises in womans Health Cervical Smear tests, Pregnancy, Contraception advice Including Implanon Insertion and removal Mirena Insertion and Removal Iron infusions

dr urim


Dr Urim Kortoci is an Albanian who moved to the United Kingdom when he was a teenager. He obtained his medical degree at University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Prior to that he did his high-school studies in London and completed a Biomedical Sciences degree at University of Essex, England. In 2017, Dr Kortoci with his wife and their young daughters relocated to Brisbane. Since then, he has been continuously practicing medicine and completed his fellowship in General Practice (FRACGP) in the West Moreton area. He is committed to provide excellent care to his patients in all aspects of General Practice. His main areas of interest are aged care medicine, managing chronic conditions, men’s health, paediatrics and mental health. Dr Kortoci tries to make the most of the Australian weather and the outdoors lifestyle. He and his wife enjoy raising their three daughters and chasing their extracurricular weekend activities.

Collingwood Park Family Medical Centre

dr nafis


Dr Nafis Has been working at our Collingwood Park Centre since May 2017 with her beautiful and kind personality she has been an amazing addition to the team.Dr Nafis has been working in all different medical environments in Australia and Iran. Working as a GP for many years and is experienced in different general practice fields, with particular interest in women’s health, children’s health, dermatology and skin health.


dr ali


dr marcel


Dr Briones comes to our Collingwood Park surgery from the UK. Dr Briones trained in ENT at Whiston Hospital (UK), Accident and Emergency at Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Palliative Care at University Hospital, Aintree. He obtained his MRCGP from the UK where he also trained in the Mersey Deanery (Liverpool UK) as a postgraduate. Dr Marcel speaks English and Filipino.

Dr Lyndy Pan-Lu

Dr Lyndy Pan-Lu is specialised in Pap Smears, Implanon insertion & removal and Family medicine

Camira Family Medical Centre

dr marcel


Dr Briones trained in ENT at Whiston Hospital (UK), Accident and Emergency at Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Palliative Care at University Hospital, Aintree. He obtained his MRCGP from the UK where he also trained in the Mersey Deanery (Liverpool UK) as a postgraduate. Dr Marcel speaks English and Filipino.

The Courtyard Family Medical Centre

dr hes


Dr Hesam Darouei is a fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) as well as the Australian Medical Council (AMC) with diplomas from Oxford, George Washington and Denmark Universities. Dr Hesam is interested in minor Procedures, skin surgery, chronic disease, Cardiovascular disease, Implanon insertion and removal, Skin cancer checks, Diabetes, and Hypertension

Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor from the Skin Cancer Council



We welcome Dr Bandi to the Courtyard Family Medical Centre Area of interest Family Medicine, Womans Health, General Medicine, General Practice Dr Bandi brings with her a High level of Patient centred comprehensive care

Dr jip


Dr Paul Jip is a well-known and established general practitioner that.has been practising medicine since 2001. He graduated from the University of London and worked in the National Health Service for seven years, practising in many departments, including, but not limited to orthopaedics, emergency care, paediatrics, general medicine and acute care. His expertise has been recognised when he was appointed as an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Dr Jip applies a holistic, thorough, evidence-based approach often with psychological emphasis. He is an experienced well reputed general practitioner in all areas, but he particularly enjoys treating men’s health, chronic disease management and chronic injuries. Languages English and German

Dr shiva


Special Interest in Skin checks and surgeries. Ingrown toenail wedge resection, and minor surgical procedures. Chronic disease management .

Dr Luna


PLEASE WELCOME DR LOONA TO COURTYARD Dr Loona's special interest is in women’s & children’s health, preventative health, chronic disease management, and mental health care. Outside of work, Dr. Loona loves to travel, melody music, classical dance, cooking & to spend family time. AREAS OF INTEREST: • Women and Children’s health • Preventative health • Chronic disease management • Mental health • Iron Infusions

Sherwood Family Medical Centre


DR johana kortoci

A warm welcome to Dr Johana who has joined us at the Sherwood clinic

Dr Johana Kortoci is a caring and highly skilled medical professional with over 20 years of experience. She completed her specialty training in the United Kingdom and worked in Aberdeen and Isle of Wight for a number of years. In 2017, Dr Johana and her husband relocated to Brisbane, where they have been raising their children. For the last seven and a half years she worked as a General practitioner in the South of Brisbane, where she provided excellent and genuine care to her patients. Through focused attitude, broad range of skills and knowledge, she is one of the most loved and sought-after doctors in the area.

Her dedication to her profession, as demonstrated by her years of experience and commitment to raising her family while practicing medicine, reflects her passion for helping others and contributing to the healthcare field.

Dr Johana tries to make the most

of the Australian weather and outdoor lifestyle. She and her husband enjoy raising their three daughters and chasing their extracurricular activities.

Areas of Interest

 Women's health


Mental health

Weight management

Pain Management

Chronic disease management

Shared antenatal care

Geriatric Health

Languages Spoken



Dr Arooj

DR Arooj Niazi

Dr Arooj aims to provide her patients with modern, family focused and convenient care. Her current passions include children's health, women's health, mental health and management of chronic conditions. Her special interest involves skin cancer care including minor surgical procedures.

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