UrbanDoc provides access to medical services via the use of mobile apps. You can request for a home visit, phone or video consultation, scripts, referrals and medical certificates via your app. This will then trigger a message to the doctor of your choice or the doctor nearest and immediately available to you who can provide the service. Fast and Easy way of requesting a Medical Certificate. Instantly Delivered to your Email. No more waiting for appointments in the medical centres with sick patients.

Due to recent Coronavirus pandemic, tele health services are now medicare rebatable and UrbanDoc provides fully bulk billed phone/video consultations along with medical certificates, pathology requests and script renewals.
UrbanDoc services are now 100% Bulk Billed for all Medicare card holders.

Bulk Billing Tele Consults through UrbanDoc Apps
24X7 Access to Doctors.
Fully Bulk Billed Tele health services from anywhere anytime.
For More info: www.urban-doc.com
Script Renewals, Pathology & Medical Certificate Requests.
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